The theme of World AIDS Day this year is: ‘Lets End It!’ calling on people around the world to take action to end the negative impact of HIV and AIDS. 

Palliative care has a vital role to play in ending HIV stigma, transmission and isolation.

The Lancet Commission on Global Access to Palliative Care and Pain Relief found that 50% of people dying from HIV/AIDS experience moderate or severe pain lasting on average 90 days.

The most common types of health-related suffering for people living with HIV are pain and anxiety or worry. These are symptoms that can be relieved through quality palliative care.

The background document to the Lancet Commission report notes that 100% of people who die from HIV/AIDs require palliative care to address their pain and other symptoms and to improve quality of life.

As well as addressing symptoms, palliative care services can support adherence to anti-retroviral medication regimens, and educate communities about prevention of HIV transmission.

People living with HIV must have access to high-quality, affordable palliative care services. Integrating palliative care into a robust HIV response will help to build strong health systems.

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